Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Description of Service

This privacy policy is intended to inform you about the information and data gathered by (“us”, “we”) when you use this service, how we store your information, the information we collect and to the degree your information may be used. is a part of:

69 Esker Wood Drive
Lucan, Co. Dublin

company number: 649459

ThrillFlix takes your privacy seriously. We do not rent, sell or share your personal information with 3rd parties, except as listed below.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, you are a registered ThrillFlix user, we will attempt to inform you of any material changes by email, however we cannot guarantee this or the email may be lost in a spamfolder or elsewhere. That’s why we recommend you to check back frequently on the ThrillFlix website for the latest and most updated privacy policy posted at .

ThrillFlix provides you with the opportunity to review, remove and modify any personal information that you provided previously under the EU GDPR law, please contact us directly by email to make changes to your personal information. You may also update your personal information by logging into your ThrillFlix account and updating your details by clicking ‘Dashboard’ on top of the page.

We inform you that you have the right to know exactly what information we have about you and also to request us to remove that information. Please contact us directly to ask for this information and we will provide it to you within 7 working days. You can email to .

2. Data Collection & Use

We only collect the personal data you choose to provide us during your registration process. As part of the registration process in order to use ThrillFlix services you need to provide us with your Full Name, Email Address, Country, Zip Code, and Billing information, including credit card, Paypal or SEPA direct debit data. Depending on the payment method, we store different data associated with that payment method. 

We automatically register your IP address to check from which country you are registering. Our service is only available in certain countries listed in our Terms and Conditions which can be found at . This means that it is possible that you don’t get access to certain movies or even the entire platform when you visit ThrillFlix from another country than the one where you registered.

All data is stored in The United States, in Ireland, in the United Kingdom, in Belgium, in The Netherlands and possibly on servers in other countries too. You may elect to not provide any of the above info, but you will then not be able to use ThrillFlix services or certain features. 

We will keep your payment data for up to 30 days after your account is removes (‘remove’ as in our Terms & Conditions in article 20). After the 30 days all your payment data is fully removed from our system. All your data will be removed, except for the anonymised data that are required for us to pay the correct amount of royalties to our distributors and filmproducers.

All data transfers are SSL secured.

We use cookies to gather information. Please see our cookie policy at for details on our use of cookies.

3. Analytics

We may collect and store certain information about your interaction with the ThrillFlix website and services, including cookies, IP Addresses, browser type, device type, location, Internet service provider (ISP), entry and exit pages, operating systems, time/date stamps, and other related data. ThrillFlix uses this information, only to improve the quality of our services and products. If you choose to decline cookies via your browser, you will have some limitations in using ThrillFlix services.

We place cookies in order to collect data on when you signed in (time stamps), from which IP and which movies you watched and for which duration. This is necessary for us to gather, in order to be transparent to film distributors and pay them out according to popularity of a movie, series or documentary. However, the analytics that the film distributers receive are completely anonymised and thus anonymous. They only receive general information on watch time and views per movie, not on who watched it and when.

We, the company THRILLFLIX LIMITED, may use your watching behaviour to recommend specific movies that you might be interested in watching. We never sell or give this information to third parties.

Furthermore we use Google Analytics Cookies to analyse our visitors. These data are also  anonymised.

For more specifics on what cookies we collect and how to remove them, please visit our Cookie Policy at .

4. Email Notices

When you register to use ThrillFlix services, your email will automatically be listed in the ThrillFlix mailing list. You will receive welcome information, account information, and other marketing related information related to ThrillFlix services. You may also receive periodic emails from us notifying you of new features, products, titles and other related information. 

We can also send you promotional links of partner programs, but only of related products.

You may choose to opt out of receiving certain emails from ThrillFlix, but if you choose to do so, you will not receive information like updates to the Terms and Conditions as well as updates to the Privacy Policy of ThrillFlix. You can opt out by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of every email that you have received from us.

It is not possible, unless you cancel your subscription, to opt out from emails like subscription renewal notices, order confirmations, overdue notices, and other basic ThrillFlix account functionalities.

At anytime if you forget your account information, you may log back onto the ThrillFlix website and click “forgot password” on the login area screen, a password reset link will be emailed to you with further steps to reset your account info.

5. Business Transitions

In the event of ThrillFlix going through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by or with another company, including partial or all assets, any personally identifiable information we have on record will likely be transferred with the transition.

6. Security

We employ and protect all data with SSL encryption and other security measures to ensure you that your data is protected and safe. However please be advised that while we take extra measures to protect your data and integrity of your information, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent unauthorized access from occurring. Please take the proper steps to maintain the security of your account information. We highly recommend that you set a tough to guess password for your registered account with ThrillFlix to ensure others from easily guessing your password.

7. Changes to our privacy policy

Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified to you by e-mail, as long as you have not opted out from our email list as pointed out under “4. email notices”.

8. Your Rights

You have the right to ask us to not process your personal data for marketing purposes. You can exercise that right by contacting us at .

9. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or any ThrillFlix products, services or features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

We do our very best to oblige to the GDPR law. If you think that a part of our website and company is not compliant to this law, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by sending an email to or by mail to the address stated under article 1 of this privacy policy.

You can download our privacy policy as a pdf file by clicking here.

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